Attention: Ex-Athletes Over 30 Struggling To Get Back In Shape

How A Banged Up Ex-Football Player Discovered A Mysterious Body Tissue That’s Forcing You To Stay Stiff, Immobile And Store Excess Body Fat
This Simple 60 Second Test Can Determine Your Risk Factor For Chronic Disease As Your Body Very Likely Could Be A Cesspool Of Deadly Inflamation
Warning: The Following Letter Depicts Graphic Language And Images That May Be Offensive To Certain Audiences. This Content Is Only Suitable For Individuals Ready To Stop Bull-Shitting Themselves And Discover The Truth. Discretion Is Advised.  
“POP... Crunch... Crack!”

Those were the sounds I heard (and felt) as I hurdled a defender on the way to what I thought was about to be a touchdown celebration with my teammates.  
Instead, with one false step of my right foot, I felt my knee shoot out the side of my leg, forcing it to bend in a way that it was not made to.  

The pain jolted through my body like a lightening bolt crippling me. Attempting to take another step I came crashing to the ground like a toppled over 18-wheeler truck on a crowded highway.  
I reached for my knee instantly. My face turning white, I let out a scream… “aggghhhhh” and “FUCK”…  
The fear and anxiety that was racing through my body could be seen in my wide eyed looks from the farthest seat in the stands, as I rolled over and ripped off my helmet tossing it to the turf beside me. 
“Shit… Fuck….”  
The hundreds of spectators hushed in silence, as almost everybody in attendance knew exactly what had just happened.  
The best athlete in the school… 
The kid who was raised by his Grandmother with no parents…  
The young man who needed this opportunity more than anybody… 
Had just torn the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in his right leg.  
Less than two games into his senior year, and right before receiving a full scholarship to play Division 1 Football. 
And in less than an instant, his dreams of playing professional sports and becoming the first person in his family to attend college had just come to a crashing halt.  
As I lay squirming on the ground clutching for my leg I could not have helped but think, “how could this happen to me?"  
My breath calming for a brief moment, so I could slow the thoughts in my mind from racing. I remember saying to myself… 
“It’s over.”  

"It's all over". 
It was one of the most painful moments of my life.  
Because I knew everything I had dreamed of was about to come to an end.  
What was I going to do now?  
I’ll get back to my story in a few moments. 
But let me start from the beginning.  
What’s up? I’m Frank.  
And that’s me on the Fox 5 Morning Show in New York teaching people how to build lean and athletic bodies.  
As you will soon learn my very hard to tell story actually contains an incredible discovery that helped me unlock the secret to losing pounds of body fat quickly.

And help hundreds of people, just like you lose stubborn, unwanted flab in just a few short weeks. 

What I failed to realize was that moment would eventually be the catalyst to help me discover a little-known structure in your body that's stealing your energy, causing you pain, and flooding your system with deadly inflammation.

And ex-athletes bodies are riddled with this damaged tissue! Today, as you read every word on this page… you will discover
You will discover...  
  •  The little-known body tissue nobody is talking about (Not even your physician understands it) that restricts your movement and is destroying your health 
  •  How the deformation of this tissue is trapping pools of deadly inflammation inside your body increasing your risk for chronic disease and keeping you overweight  
  •  That ignoring this will continue to make you stiffer and leave you with painful joints 
  •  Plus... shut down nerve signals robbing you of peak performance in multiple areas (including the bedroom) 
  •  Setting off alarms in your body causing a chain reaction of disrupted hormones  
  •  And dumping deadly cortisol into your system, causing you to store deadly visceral fat around your belly
You will ALSO Discover:
  •  How doing a specific set of exercises in a very strategic way holds the key to unlock your body and reboot your system   
  •  How you can literally melt away pounds of fat and build a lean body in a very short time  
  •  How to restore your youthful energy and add vibrant years back to your life 
  •  The secret to boosting and skyrocketing your performance in your daily activities 
  •  All while re-engaging your inner athletic DNA 
  •  Plus… The simple 60-second test that will prove to you just how much your body has been damaged…
Just Check Out Some Of These Incredible Transformations...
Here is the BIG PROBLEM Not Even Your Physician Knows About Your Body 
And you’re going to be shocked when I tell you what it is…  
It’s called Fascia!  
You see fascia is a little-known tissue that acts as a support structure for the body.  
And it’s connected to EVERYTHING... from your joints to your bones, your muscles as well as your nerves, blood vessels, plus your organs.  
Fascia is the main connective structure in your body that dictates the health and functionality of every other tissue. 

In fact… 
Your AGE Is Equivalent To The Health And Functionality Of Your Fascia.
When fascia works properly all systems are a go. 
But when it gets damaged it will become tight and restrictive.  
And the FACT is that people who have played sports in the past have the highest probability of having damaged fascia.  
This problem only compounds as you get older because fascia becomes more restrictive and stubborn.

You’ll be SHOCKED to discover that TIGHT And RESTRICTED Fascia Causes A Cascade Of Health Problems   
Some of those problems include:
  •  Inflammation Build Up  
  •  Achy And Painful Joints  
  •  Decreased Circulation  
  •  Increased Cortisol  
  •  Disrupted Nerve Signaling
  •  Decreased Sexual Function  
  •  Decreased Power Output 
  •  Limited Performance  
  •  Trouble Sleeping  
  •  Bad Posture  
  •  Lack Of Energy  
  •  Dysfunctional Immune System  
  •  Increased Anxiety
There Is A Deadly Army Of Inflammation Molecules Silently  Attacking Your Body As We Speak…
Remember Fascia is the pervasive tissue that attaches to and encases every other structure in the body.  
When Fascia becomes damaged (from sports) it contracts and compresses, suffocating veins and nerves, diminishing blood flow and nerve signaling, as well as starving critical structures in the body of oxygen and nutrients.  
This is comparable to having a “kink” in a garden hose as you’re trying to use the water.  
Damaged Fascia prevents the flow of recovery nutrients and traps inflammation forming a swamp of toxic material in your body.  
This is a condition called “Meta-Inflammation.”  

The body becomes “inflamed.” 

And it’s exactly like your whole body is constantly on fire.  
And your natural survival response is to tighten up and become restricted as a protective measure, trapping a cesspool of toxic waste and chemicals that slowly destroy you from the inside out. 
The vicious cycle only continues the more you try to battle through your damaged fascia.  
It is nearly impossible to lose fat when your body is dumping inflammation and cortisol (belly fat hormone) into your system on a daily basis.  
Just Like The Garden Hose…  
You absolutely must restore proper fascial function and release the kinks, or you will remain overweight, stiff and sapped of the vibrant energy you desperately deserve.

Here Are 5 Main Ways Your Fascia Can Become Damaged
1) Past Injuries or Bruising
People who have competed in sports are prime candidates for injuries that cause damaged fascia. Even the ones that don’t hurt anymore like old ankle sprains or bruises. You’d be shocked to learn that once you are injured you still have damaged fascia lurking in your body that can be secretly killing you today. These past injuries shut down nerve signals and act like a traffic jam for meta-inflammation. So harmful materials sit in your system and attack your body from the inside out. As a result you slowly decay, become drained of energy and accumulate fat cells in all the places you don’t want them.  
2) Surgery
Surgery is like an injury on top of an injury. First, you get hurt playing sports. Then the surgeon cuts you open, rips the inside of your body and stitches you up. The damaged fascia becomes even more restrictive than ever as a protective mechanism. Making it almost impossible for you to move well. Then you compensate trying to recover from your injury. Damaged fascia creates more damaged fascia until your whole body is out of alignment and on fire. The constant bombardment of pain, inflammation and disrupted hormones continues to go round and round in a vicious cycle long after your injury has healed.
3) Repetitive Movements
We live in the “technology generation.” And believe it or not, low-level repetitive movement can create restrictive fascia. Some people swing a hammer and use a wrench all day. Other people pick up heavy stuff with their backs. And most people are hunched over their keyboards typing and dialing all day long. Although this may seem harmless, we are in fact a result of our repetitive habits. And these activities can wreak havoc on your fascia causing a slow but deadly drip of meta-inflammation molecules into your body.   
4) Sitting
Have you heard that “sitting” is the new smoking? Well it’s absolutely true. You don’t even have to be an athlete to seriously damage your fascia from sitting. Sitting causes tight hip flexors and weak gluteal muscles. These muscles control your pelvis and the health of your lower spine. Dysfunction often leads to lower back pain and decreased performance in multiple areas (including the bedroom). This imbalance creates ugly posture making your lower back arch and causes your belly to stick outward. So you get low back pain, hinder your performance and look fatter than you actually are.  
5) Dehydration
How much water do you drink everyday? Not drinking enough water can damage and age fascia further. That’s because it needs fluid to be flexible and less rigid. Drinking less than optimal amounts of water can keep fascia tight and restrictive. These trigger points pull on joints, making you stiff and steal valuable energy from your life as your body works overtime to fight through your own defenses. This means more stress response and less signals for fat burning. The end result? You continue to feel older than you are as you accumulate more and more stubborn body fat.  
Failing To Address This Issue Will Plague Your Life For Years To Come 
  • Deadly inflammation will continue to ravage your body making every doctors visit a game of Russian Roulette...  
  •  You will struggle to maintain attraction with your significant other leading to separation, divorce or potentially even cheating...  
  •  Your summers will continue to be defined by avoiding beaches and pools for fear of having to take your shirt off...  
  •  You will continue to have stiff, painful joints constantly having to avoid playing with your kids for fear of getting hurt...  
  •  You may eventually be looked over by your significant other for a younger more energetic partner...  
  •  You can continue to watch your in shape friends play recreational sports and be active while you rust away on the sidelines...  
  •  Every stair you climb struggling for breath will be a painful reminder that you’re just a few steps away from an early death...
My Painful Journey To Discover The Secret!
As I lay on the ground staring up at the sky wondering how bad my injury was, I knew things were about to change.  
But let me back track a little.  
At age 2 my Father got sick with Multiple Sclerosis and my mother abandoned me. After going through foster homes for several years I eventually went to live with my grandparents and helped to take care of my father.  
My dad couldn't walk or talk. It was a very sad thing to experience growing up. He lived that way for 25 years slowly deteriorating and eventually passing away.  
The picture of my father struggling in that wheelchair is forever etched in my mind. It has shaped me like no other experience in my life. 

Because of this, I gravitated very early to physical fitness and sport. It seemed natural and liberating, especially growing up watching my father in such a debilitating position.  
Football was my first love and passion.  
Until that fateful day on the field.  
That’s when everything changed.

At the time an injury such as this was not as common as today. Recovering from it was not a guarantee.  

Shortly after that day on the field I fell into a deep depression. I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. I went to college but the injury and the upward climb was too much to handle.  

I broke.  
I quit college and came home and became a nobody.  
I had officially gone from the top of the world to the lowest of the lows.  
I gained weight.  
A lot of weight! 
Even my friends started to make comments about how “out of shape I was getting.”  
It was embarrassing.  
My knee injury was causing me to compensate and my whole body was out of alignment. Everything started to hurt. I had low back pain, a cranky hip and even my good leg started to hurt.  
I was in my early 20’s and all I did was lay around and sulk about how terrible my life had become. 

I didn't even want to leave the house and socialize because of how fat I had become.  

I felt like a piece of shit loser.  
What a joke I had become.  
A shell of my former self and just a few years earlier I had the entire world by the balls.  
I was sinking into a black hole.  
It was the darkest time of my life.
A "Tough-Love" Conversation With My Uncle Sparks A Comeback…
One day I was doing my usual thing, mopping around and endlessly talking about my problems. Telling my Uncle Allen my “whoa is me” story.  
Allen was a Vietnam Vet and had seen some pretty crazy shit in his day. 
We would sit for hours talking and telling stories back and forth.   
And as most people would act as a "shoulder to cry on" allowing you to endlessly chatter about "what’s wrong with your life," my uncle had a way of cutting through the bullshit and getting to the point. 
On this day he must have gotten tired of hearing me talk about changing my life but watching me never do anything about it.  
I could tell he was fed up as he turned to me and said, “You know what Franky? You know what you are? You’re just a BIG Fuckin Baby. ” 

My face turned flush with anger. 
I felt myself about to go on the defensive but something told me to relax for a minute and consider the point my uncle was trying to make.  
And instead of firing back and defending myself, I took a deep breath and let out a chuckle. 

My uncle was 100% right.  
I was acting like a BIG BABY.  
I was blaming.  
Not taking responsibility.  
And finding excuses.  
I was allowing my life to slip slowly away when the truth was I had so much left to LIVE.
After that conversation I knew I had to get serious about getting in shape and taking care of my body.  
I grew up watching my Father live everyday in a wheelchair.  
How dare I overlook the gift I was given to stand up every single day and go out in this world and make a change.  
My body wasn’t broken or damaged like I thought it was. My metabolism wasn’t busted or slowing. I wasn’t over the hill, past my prime, or anything like that.  
The inconvenient, yet undeniable truth of that moment, was that I could not put the blame on anyone else… 
...but myself.  
It was time for me to take responsibility.  
A Chance Meeting With A National Sports Chiropractor Of The Year Leads To A Life Altering Discovery
I knew I might never play high-level competitive sports again. But I also knew I needed to get back in shape and back to being the old me.  
So I set out on my journey.  
I started hitting the gym again and working hard to get back into shape.

 I figured the fat would just fall off and my body and everything would snap back into place.  
But I was wrong.

After a few months of working out, I was going nowhere fast.  
My energy was sapped and I felt like I was banging my head against a wall for no result.  
Nothing seemed to be working.  
Plus everything hurt. 
When I would run my shins would feel like they were going to snap. My knees were sore and my lower back was killing me. Everything felt tight.  
I was working so hard and not really getting anywhere.  
And I was still fat. 
I felt so frustrated and was ready to call it quits on my fitness forever.  
Then one day a friend suggested that my body might be “out of alignment” and to “go see a chiropractor or physical therapist.”  
That’s what led me to the office of Dr. Rob Silverman, National Sports Chiropractor Of The Year and the author of the book “Inside Out Health.”  
What I thought would be a routine chiropractic visit turned out to be a life altering decision. 
That day Dr. Rob showed me the secret to unlocking my body’s stiffness and re-engaging my athletic DNA. 

He showed me how to reboot my system which allowed me to boost my metabolism and burn body fat quickly. 

Dr. Rob explained to me how “Meta-Inflammation” is one of the deadliest chemicals lurking in the depths of people’s bodies.  
And how it accelerates aging, keeps your body in pain and makes it nearly impossible to lose fat. 

I mean it makes total sense… How can you lose fat when your whole body is constantly enflamed?

He showed me how my past competitive sports history had led to a build up of damaged fascia all over my body. And how that damaged fascia was keeping me in pain and flooding me with meta-inflammation.  
He showed me the secret to remodeling the damaged fascia with some simple stretches and gave me exercises that helped reset the body’s natural biorhythms. 

As soon as I left that day I went to work utilizing the techniques that Dr. Rob gave me.  
And then an incredible thing happened... 
In just a few short weeks, not only did my joint pain clear up, but I was able to see my 6-pack.
And amazingly, I started to look and feel like an athlete again. Suddenly I had a bounce in my step that I remembered from many years earlier. 

I was feeling like a leaner more confident dude again. 
It was simply incredible!  
I couldn’t believe how difficult things seemed and now suddenly with a few simple exercises, I was feeling 10 years younger.  
The process worked so well I wanted to take what I had learned from Dr. Rob and help others do the same.  
Shortly after regaining my old form, I became a fitness trainer and opened up my own gym (Max Impact Training).  
I began to test and refine the process with several thousand people in my area.  
And the crazy thing was it worked just as well with them.  
Clients who had been struggling to lose body fat suddenly we're starting to see results fast.  
You could see the light bulbs go off in their heads as they started to get lean and feel more energetic than they had in years.  
Once I showed them how to unlock their fascia they were in shock at how quickly it helped loosen them up and release the stubborn fat their bodies had been holding on to for so long.  
"Amazingly in only 6 weeks time, I have lost 20lbs and 4% body fat." - Joey
"I weighed in at 274 pounds and was disgusted with the way that I looked and felt. I am now weighing in at 205 pounds and I feel better than I have ever felt!" - Scott
"I have watched other members grow in confidence and physically change right in
front of my eyes! It truly moves me. I feel stronger and better than ever
and according to my MD…I am!" - Michelle
3 Huge Workout Mistakes That Are Making Damaged Fascia Worst And Forcing You To Store More Fat  

Long Cardio Aerobic Workouts

Hours on the treadmill and elliptical machine can wreak havoc on damaged fascia. Not only are the workouts super boring but they are ineffective at burning fat. The repetitive movement only makes damaged fascia more restricted. So it continues to block nutrient transport and cell signaling, swamping the body with meta-inflammation molecules. Bad movement patterns become worst while you make your metabolism slower. Damaged fascia becomes more injured while you dump buckets of cortisol into your system creating a phenomena we call "flabby skinny." 

The "Bro Split"

The “Bro-Split” is a nightmare for damaged fascia. What’s the bro-split you ask? It’s your typical gym goers approach to training that includes a lot of upper body, chest and arm exercises. But rarely focuses on the lower body or any type of stretching. This approach makes tight fascia become like cement, which can be very difficult to undo. It only takes a few months of training like this to make damaged fascia worst. It becomes incredibly challenging to move without pain or melt fat when you perform exercise in this dysfunctional way.  

Working Out Hard With Damaged Fascia

Doing exercise and not fixing broke fascia is a big no-no. If you have damaged fascia this will only serve to create more problems. It’s like trying to drive your car around with the emergency brake on. You need to release the brakes to be able to accelerate to your goal. Otherwise, you’re just grinding your body creating more friction and in-flamation. Without unlocking your damaged fascia you will always feel like your banging your head against a wall. You will continue to feel stiff, have painful joints, and store fat as a protective mechanism
CASE STUDY: Meet Mirko
"There is no exercise, obstacle or test that I won’t go after. I have regained a confidence that I haven’t had since college."
The 44 yr old insurance broker who played high school soccer. He left his playing days behind him in high school and started to slowly let himself go after that. In fact, he let himself go so much that he eventually forgot who he used to be. He became a self-described “wall-flower” and got to the point where not much in his life even mattered anymore. Lacking confidence he was a push over at work and his appearance made him avoid going out and being social. Getting invited to any type of "event" that might involve taking his shirt off was avoided like the plague. 

Mirko had forgotten what it was like to have the confidence. The same confidence he had when he was younger. 
And the truth is he was ready to stay in this complacent place. But his Doctor kept begging him to change his health because his blood pressure and cholesterol were through the roof. He had fallen to an all time low. That is until a friend introduced him to my training program. It wasn’t a few short weeks before Mirko started to feel the amazing power of The Fat Buster Program. And he has never looked back since. 

Today Mirko is a completely new man. He was able to avoid the drugs his doctor wanted to put him on. And his body is completely transformed to the point where he is dying to take his shirt off any chance he can get. His energy and confidence are soaring through the roof. At work, he pretty much tells his bosses how shit is gonna go. Heck, we even have trouble backing him down from his new found machismo! He’s got more energy, more confidence and makes more money now than ever. Not to mention his approach with the ladies has completely changed. He’s got no problem mixing it up with any attractive female he comes in contact with. He would never dream of that before. The guy came to me looking to avoid the doctor but has gained so much more. And it’s all because he took a leap of faith and allowed me to help him discover the secret to unlocking his inner athlete. 
Here Is A Simple 60 Second Movement Test To Determine The Health of Your Fascia  
This simple 60-Second screen will test your fascia and determine if you are at a higher risk for chronic disease.  
I’m going to need you to stand up for this.  
But have no fear this is a really simple test and you will be shocked at how quickly you "get it".   
Are you ready?  
Ok let’s do this…
Test Instructions:
1.   Set up with your feet about hip width apart.
2. Point your toes so they face straight ahead. (Not out to the side)  

3. Bend down and grab underneath your toes 
4. Pull your butt down and chest up while keeping your elbows inside of your knees (You are now in a deep squat)  

5. Reach your arms overhead while keeping them straight and in line with your torso  

6. Pause for a second and take a deep breath in 
7. Push through your heels and stand up tall 
8. Repeat for 60 seconds (6-8 reps)  
Test Evaluation 
(Here Is What You Are Looking For):
  •   Are you able to keep your feet straight and your heels flat on the floor?
  •   Were you able to reach and extend your arms overhead while keeping them straight and in line with your torso?
  •  Notice any difficulty getting into and out of the position?   
  •  Any joint pain or tightness?  
  •  Could you breath freely and at ease in the squat?  
  •  Any shortness of breath after completing the 60 seconds?
How did you do?  
If you struggled to complete the movement or experienced any of the symptoms above ===>>> You Have Tight And Restrictive Fascia  
You are dumping meta-inflammation into your body on a daily basis, multiplying your risk for chronic disease making it nearly impossible to lose fat.  
But have no fear.  
I have perfected a cutting edge technology that will help you unlock your tight fascia and reboot your metabolism so you can burn fat and build lean muscle in just a few short weeks... 
CASE STUDY: Meet Lauren
"I have surpassed where I have ever thought I would be in regards to how I look and feel, especially as a single mother of 2."  
Lauren came to me after having her second child. The ex-cheerleader and softball player was concerned that she would struggle to regain her pre-baby form. She was feeling more self-conscious than ever because her second pregnancy had really made her balloon up more than she was expecting. And she was not happy about it at all. Like most mothers who experience the joy of giving birth to their children, sometimes they’re just not prepared for the havoc the pregnancy itself can wreak on the body. And may not understand that pregnancy itself acts like an injury plus a surgery all packed in one. The fascia takes an incredible beating and becomes damaged.

I told her no problem and not to worry at all. We began to address her fascial restrictions and the damage done to her pelvic floor.
 We then reset her body with these athletic movement sequences and her body bounced back in no time! She lost the baby weight quickly and regained her toned and athletic look. 

She now feels sexier and more confident than ever. She can not believe that she was able to get more lean and toned than even before she was pregnant. As a single mother, she takes much pride in being a strong and powerful female role model for her 2 little girls. They’re always at the gym copying the “moves” that mom does. I'm sure most parents sometimes forget to realize just how much their actions set the examples for their kids. 
The Name Of This Brand New Training System?
Metabolic Release Training
The Ultimate Workout For Ex-Athletes Who Are Sick And Tired Of Feeling Stiff, Broken Down And Struggling To Lose Unsightly Body Fat
Here’s the secret: Metabolic Release Training Unlocks Restrictive Fascia, Builds Lean Muscle And Melts Fat Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible. How?
By igniting ALL of your body’s metabolic systems SIMULTANEOULSY.  
This isn’t just the #1 way…it’s the absolute ONLY way for Ex-Athletes to melt stubborn fat from their body forever.  
Now that you are clear that the main reason you’re struggling to lose fat is because of the damaged fascia spread throughout your body, traditional training methods will simply not work.

There is LIGHT at the end of this TUNNEL just ahead…

It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Super Active Or Been Out Of The Game For Many Years  
Anybody At Any Age Or Level Can Bust Through Their Fat And Get A Lean And Athletic Body
  •  Your Age Is Not The Problem  
  •  Your Current Level Of Fitness Is Not An Issue
  •  Time Will Not Be A Factor  
  •  Even If Everything You’ve Been Trying Has Not Worked  

  •  Fast And Effective Workouts You Can Do In Less Than 30 Minutes  
  •  You Won’t Need To Spend Any Money On Gym Memberships or Expensive Trainers  
  •  You Don’t Need To Spend Hours On A Treadmill Like A Hamster On A Wheel  
  •  You Definitely Will Not Have To Starve Yourself To Death
As soon as you learn how to target your tight fascia and release the breaks that have been placed on your metabolism, becoming lean and melting fat will be as easy as when you were a competitive athlete in your high school or college days.  
This is truly the fountain of youth for any ex-athlete who feels like their body has betrayed them.  
And Want To Hear The Most Amazing Part? You can get INCREDIBLE results in only a fraction of the time, using just your body weight and never having to leave the comfort of your own home.  
That means it is simple for you to do the program and get back to the really important things in your life like work and your family.  
And all of your buddies will wonder how you burned so much fat so quickly and gained back that old confident bounce in your step.  
Now it’s super important you adhere to the program because…
You Will Be Floored By What Happens After Your 1st Week
This Is Where The True Fat Loss Magic Begins…
You will quickly discover after completing just 3 workouts how the program works synergistically to rev your metabolic engine, helping you to strip fat from your body and feel looser than you have in years.
Just 3 workouts are all it will take to start boosting your metabolism and awaken your inner athlete again.

So many of my clients are simply shocked by how quickly they start to feel amazing and the fat just drips away in a few short weeks.

But without using this state of the art system I have refined and perfected from the advice I received from Dr. Rob you will remain feeling stiff and frustrated with your approach to getting in shape. And just realize…

- It has nothing to do with working out for longer
- It’s not because you are old and your body doesn’t work anymore
- It’s not about your will power or work ethic
- The Limiting Factor Is Glaring And Obvious: 

Damaged fascia will continue to plague your body until you learn the secret to making it work for you instead of against you!

Tested 3-Step Formula To Unlock Your Joints And See Rapid Fat Loss Results At Any Age…

You will release the fascial trigger points that are pulling on your joints and damaging your body. The result? You will immediately start to feel looser and more energetic than you have in years. Your body gets flooded with valuable nutrients and the fat loss hormones it needs…

Your body is relieved of the meta-inflammation it has been experiencing for so many years. It now goes to work shuttling away fat cells to be burned instead of stored. A leaner and more muscular shape is already taking effect..

Your Metabolism surges into overdrive, signaling your body to burn calories 24/7 (even while you’re sleeping). You feel looser and more energetic than you have in years while the fat seems to just melt away like an ice sculpture on a hot summer day.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits You Will Receive From The 6-Week Fat Buster Program...
  •  You will build a lean and athletic physique sparking attraction between you and your significant other...  
  •  Or heck...if they just refuse to appreciate you getting attention from the opposite sex will become much easier...    
  •  You will gain full confidence to rip your shirt off at the beach this summer...   
  •  Relieving your joint strain and discomfort will remind you of what your body used to feel like when you were in your early 20’s...   
  •  The pool of deadly inflammation will disappear reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer and early death...   
  •  Bulletproof your body making it possible to engage in outdoor activities and sports again...  
  •  You will reduce your anxiety and clear your mind making you sharper and more productive... 
The main problem with most popular workout programs today is that they simply focus on helping you do more exercise without addressing the structure that is causing you problems in the first place.
They totally ignore the fact that your body is in survival mode and does not want to release fat.

And even if you feel no pain or discomfort whatsoever, it is very likely that you have damaged fascia that you are unaware of causing you to be in fat storage mode.

Continuing to do the wrong workouts, exercises and training programs will only make it worse as your body will keep sending the danger signal to your brain, causing it to desperately cling to fat, making it more and more difficult to get lean.

You absolutely must release your fascia FIRST as simply doing more and more exercise is not going to work.

CASE STUDY: Meet Erica
“The amazing thing is I look and feel better than ever while working out much less than I have in years…”
Erica is a lifetime athlete who played soccer in high school/college and competitively throughout her life. After tearing her ACL multiple times she had major fascial restrictions riddling her body. But as most athletes do she just pushed right through it. As we know this only makes damaged fascia more unhealthy. Eventually, she started competing in triathlons spending hours and hours training repetitive endurance activities like biking, swimming and running. Unfortunately, this only compounded her problems.  

You would think running, biking and swimming for multiple hours a week would be a great way to lose fat. But it wasn’t! Erica was flabbier and in worse shape than she had been in her entire life.
And she was doing more exercise than ever. At just 30 she was miserable with her appearance and feeling self-conscious about her body. A few years after getting married to her husband this is not how she envisioned her body looking. She was frustrated, feeling out of shape and simply didn’t know what to do. 

She came to me and we unlocked her fascial restrictions that were flooding her body with meta-inflammation. Then we helped her access her athletic DNA. And walla…the fat just dripped off her body! Shaping and toning her right up like she was in her early 20’s. And now her life is completely transformed. She loves her newfound strength and confidence. She even takes that confidence to her work place where she is more assertive and ready to take control. She will even be writing a book soon on Childhood Movement Development. She absolutely loves her new tight and toned body and vows never to go back to all that long duration cardio aerobics that was ravaging her body with fat gaining hormones. 
The 6-Week Fat Buster Program
For Ex-Athletes: The ONLY Training Program That Unlocks Your Joints, Restores Your Youthful Bounce, And Turns You Into A Fat Burning Machine!
…ALL In ONLY 6 Weeks!
I am on a personal mission: To help 100,000 Ex-Athletes and Weekend Warriors all over the world get the lean and athletic body that they are looking for.
The 6 Week Fat Buster is a 42 Day follow along program that you can do in less than 30 minutes 3x/week…

…Without any equipment other than your body...and all from the comfort of your own home.

I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this fat shredding formula with other athletes like YOU.

PLUS: The program is specifically designed to work for anybody, no matter your age, or the last time you were physically active.

In fact... the longer you have been out of action the more you will feel the amazing benefits of this program.
NOW You TOO Can Get Lean And Athletic No Matter How Old Or Banged Up You Feel!
Just Take A Look At These Incredible 6 Week Fat Busting Transformations 
"I have competed in the 6-week challenge and lost pounds as well as 3% body fat. Due to this program, I am in the best shape of my life!" - Christina
"I have lost over 100 lbs, 10 pant sizes and many inches. For the first time in a long time, I can look myself in a full-length mirror and smile." - Tania
Your 3 Phase System To A Leaner More Athletic Body (In Only 42 Days From Today!)
The “magic" happens with the synergistic fascial release and metabolic sequencing of the 6-Week Fat Buster Program.
Every phase of the workout program is designed to progress from the previous phase opening your restricted pathways and flooding your body with ALL the proper nutrients and fat burning hormones it desperately needs…

… Helping to build lean muscle and releasing hold of your fat cells so they can be shuttled away to be burned for good.

Even better, in ONLY 3 workouts/week you can trigger a metabolic cascade that builds and picks up momentum like an avalanche, turning you into an athletic fat burning machine by WEEK 6.

You will feel leaner and more explosive than you have in years.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at the 6-Week Fat Buster System…

Phase 1 Unlocks Your Restricted Body And Surges Your Energy Levels By Turning OFF Your Meta-Inflammation Signal
This simple, yet super-effective system is designed to shut down the meta-inflammation signal ravaging your body with deadly chemical messengers as we speak.  
The outcome? Your energy soars and you begin to burn fat automatically. You’ll discover:

  • The secret to unlocking your body so it flushes out the toxic waste that is killing you slowly…  
  •  Simple but super effective exercise sequences to restore your movement and steal back 10 years from Father Time... 
  •  How to create a surge of chemical messengers that fight and quickly destroy the deadly visceral fat poking out from your belly..

Phase 2 Will Open The Flood Gates Rapidly Delivering Your Body The Critical Nutrients And Fat Burning Hormones It Has Been Starving For  

Until this point, your body has been drowning in a sea of waste material. When it is finally allowed to ascend to the surface and take a a deep breath a new window of possibility will appear to you. 
You will feel reinvigorated from the flood of nutrients and crucial performance hormones. You will put into action:
  • Functional exercise patterns that reset your body’s natural biorhythms allowing it to release fat rapidly...  
  •  My athletic sequencing method that dispenses chemical messengers acting like construction workers helping to relieve painful joints and build lean muscle tissue...
  •  An exercise routine that literally reconfigures your DNA to release fat from even the most troublesome places...

The Ignite Phase Activates Every Level Of Your Metabolism Turning You Into A Fat Burning Machine (24/7)  

Burning body fat will never be easier once you discover how to engage every level of your metabolism simultaneously. You will feel like you have hit another gear in the Ignite Phase. 
The effect? You will physically become a machine. You’ll learn the secret:
  • To activate the "Super-Nova Effect," that causes your metabolism to accelerate so fast it literally explodes fat cells 24-7… 
  •  The secret movement hacks that unlock your stiff body making you feel like you just sipped from the fountain of youth... 
  •  Re-engineering your athletic DNA so you acquire a lean physique but also gain access to more power and explosiveness…  
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The 6-Week Fat Buster Program Will Work For You EVEN IF:
You’re super busy and feel like there is never enough time in the day:
  • These workouts are specifically formatted to burn maximum calories in a short amount of time. Plus you won’t have to waste time driving to the gym when you can do the 6-Week Fat Buster Program in the comfort of your own home. 
You think you’re "over the hill" and your body is too beat up.  
  • The only reason you feel “old" is because you have damaged fascia that is restricting your mobility. The 6-Week Fat Buster Program is specifically designed to unlock your joints, reinvigorate your energy levels and flood your body with fat burning hormones.  
You feel like your age is the thing stopping you.
  • It’s definitely not your age that’s blocking your results. I couldn’t tell you how many countless individuals I have helped in their 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s to restore youthful movement and chop pounds of fat from their waist.
You believe you’re too out of shape
  • The 6-Week Fat Buster Program will work for you even if your last bout of vigorous exercise was in high school. This progressive training system is the perfect thing to help rebuild your lean physique and torch body fat.
You don’t think you’re an athlete.
  • Has it been years since you’ve played? Or maybe you never played a sport in your life? You can still get incredible results with the 6-Week Fat Buster Program. Nearly everyone has damaged fascia that when released will shut off your meta-inflammation signal and help to quickly reboot your metabolism. 
You Absolutely Will Not Find This Fat Burning Formula Anywhere Else
Navigating Away From This Page Could Make You Miss This Opportunity FOREVER…
I created this system from over 10 years of working amongst the best coaches and fat loss experts in the world…  
…developing, refining and perfecting on hundreds of men and women just like you.  
To be blunt… The 6-Week Fat Buster Program is unrivaled in its ability to restore your youthful bounce and awaken your dormant metabolism.

The ONLY WAY you are going to get lean and athletic again is to do these specific sequences of exercises to unlock your body’s genetic potential. AT ANY AGE.  
This system attacks your metabolic, hormonal and psychological state like no other program on the planet can do.  
Please Don’t Forget… I feel your PAIN! And I know exactly where you are at right now so we’re going to walk through this together.  
We are athletes at heart who deep down hold a competitive spirit. But years of wear and tear plus a sedentary lifestyle can make you feel like you’ve lost your edge.  
That’s why I have designed this program to be the absolute fastest route to getting lean and athletic that anyone has ever seen! 
CASE STUDY: Meet Martir
"I’m slimmer, stronger, and I have so much more energy and endurance than I did before. I lost 25 pounds in the first 4 weeks!"
Martir is another incredible transformation story. Martir was a runner who left his active days back in high school (like most of us). He like most guys who let themselves go after High School had forgotten what it felt like to be healthy, in shape and have confidence. He was perfectly ok just cruising through life and kind of accepting what was given to him. It’s a complacency that I think a lot of people can identify with. Sometimes you get so far out of momentum that the mere thought of trying is very difficult. But Martir was pushed by concerned family members to try to get himself out and make a change. Thank god he had good people around him who cared about him. 
He came to us with a 17+ year sedentary history before we got started helping him with what I am about to teach you. The formula is always to release the fascia and allow the athletic DNA to express itself. The result has been nothing short of amazing. Martir was astonished by how quickly the Fat Buster Program re-energized him and the pounds just melted off his body. He regained his younger physique and started to feel incredible with his new athletic body.

These days Martir is a machine! He is leaner and more muscular than he has ever been. Plus he has even gone back to running. He even ended up meeting his current girlfriend at our facility and the 2 of them could not be happier. Martir is leaner, has more muscle and is more energetic than he has ever been and shows no signs of slowing down. All because he decided to take action to transform and take back control of his life. 
I’m just going to keep it real…  
If you think this will be effortless...or you’re looking for a magic pill…or you think you’re going to strip pounds of fat from your body without putting in the work… 

You’re in the wrong place.  
Or you’re really not into looking like an athlete, being agile and developing more power…  
Then this is definitely not the program for you.

I’m not going to pull any punches here.

There is a reason why you’re broken down and out of shape. It’s because you let yourself go!  
And the only way you’re going to get out of this rut is by putting in some focused effort, at least 3 times per week.  
If you are a true champion at heart, who simply won't take NO for an answer.. 
And refuse to spend the rest of your days on the sideline watching your life pass you by… 
Then the 6-Week Fat Buster is THE PROGRAM for YOU!
How about Mike the 60+-year-old Basketball player. What a story this guy is. Mike came to us banged up and rigid from years of basketball competition. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to compete and grind through the pain and stiffness. Mike is a spin instructor and personal trainer who helps elderly cancer patients. And he was starting to get concerned that his body was far past the point of saving and it was becoming more difficult to help his clients. He wanted nothing more than being able to represent his passion at the highest level but was struggling to do that with all the wear and tear. 
When Mike came to me we addressed his fascial restrictions that were causing his body pain and making it tough for him to lose the last little bit of fat from his waist. Once I showed him how to address his tight fascia his body immediately unlocked. Suddenly Mike had new spring to his step!  

These days Mike is buzzing with vibrant energy and life. He’s got the extra bounce in his step and has doubled up on playing basketball. He was able to lose that last little bit of fat from his waist in only a few short weeks. Mike says he feels more energetic and vibrant than ever. He's feeling more incredible than he has in years and been using the techniques I showed him with his clients to help them.
Take Action TODAY And You Can Claim These FREE Bonuses
FREE BONUS #1 (Value): Chapter 1 Of Dr. Rob’s Book “Inside Out Health” on Inflammation
Gain FREE Insider Access to Dr. Rob’s Best Selling Book “Inside-Out Health” where you can get the inside scoop from the Good Doctor himself on how to improve your health and bust through stubborn body fat.  
The 6-Week Fat Buster Program is designed to release your unhealthy fascia and unlock your potential to burn ugly body fat from your waistline.  
But this program will be multiplied when combined with the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Rob as he shows you how to take an inside out approach to tackling your health.  
Dr. Rob’s scientific method of healing the body will help you relieve aches and pains and remove toxins from your food and environment.  
You will immediately improve your body’s reaction to inflammation by turning on your natural ability to stimulate a healing response.  
Dr. Rob will show you the way to flip the switch on your health and instantly start to heal your body from the inside out.
FREE BONUS #2 (Value): My "7-Steps To Shredded" Manual
7 Steps To Shredded helps you do exactly that… Get Shredded.  
This Manual will help take you from your fat loss phase and teach you the secrets to help you sculpt and define your physique.  
This report contains my top tips, tricks and strategies to help you shred up.  
Once your fascia is released, a world of potential will be discovered. By following the process in this manual you can quickly take yourself from average to savage.  
This step-by-step manual has athletes everywhere reaping the rewards and benefits of becoming a lean and muscular machine.
FREE Bonus #3 (Value): FREE ACCESS To My Private Fat Busting Facebook Group
How would you like to gain VIP Access to my Private Fat Busting Support Group?  
Did you know that most great things are accomplished in groups as oppose to by ourselves? Having a team around you increases your chances of success EXPONENTIALLY!  
The last thing I want to do is give you a program and leave you on your own to figure it out. Especially when we work so closely with our members at my gym Max Impact Training.  
That is why…for an exclusive group of individuals…WHO TAKE ACTION TODAY… you will be joining myself and other high performers so we can push each other to another level.  
Here you will receive daily motivation and support, plus my top tips and tricks to live an athletic lifestyle. Joining this exclusive team of people will provide you with the tactics and motivation you need to succeed.  
And yes I absolutely will be in the group daily to make sure you have all of the fat loss tools necessary to take your body and life to another level.

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Your Exclusive Opportunity To Get The Same Fat Busting Secrets My Personal Training Clients Pay Me $200 A Session To Get... But At A Fraction Of The Cost
If you were to visit me in New York and train with me 1-1, it would cost you $3,600 for me to design a fat loss program like this for you.  
This is the reason I only personally work with an exclusive group of individuals.  
And that’s why I created this program. I wanted to make it simple and easy for banged up athletes everywhere to benefit from the fat releasing techniques I have mastered.  
I am sure we can both agree that a measly $200 an hour is more than reasonable for a fat-busting system you simply could not get anywhere else on the planet. $3,600 to completely overhaul your life? This is simply a steal.  
But here is the fantastic news…  
You are not going to have to pay anything close to that today.  
I’ve decided to place the cost of the 6-Week Fat Buster Program at the low price of $19 because I want to make sure that as many struggling ex-athletes as possible are able to benefit from these fat busting techniques.  
The first thing I need you to understand is this is a ZERO RISK opportunity for you

My Personal Fat Busting Guarantee
If you’re currently on the fence about giving the 6-Week Fat Buster Program a go let me just remind you that you are 100% RISK FREE.  
And you’ve got an entire 60 Days to Test Drive the program before even having to make a decision.  
That’s because you’re backed by my Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.  
You don’t even have to make a commitment today.  
You can get the entire 6-Week Fat Buster System and see for yourself just how effective it is at helping you shed pounds of ugly, unwanted fat from your body before you even have to make a decision.
Take 60 Days to see if it works for YOU…
  •  If you’re not ecstatic about the pounds of fat that drip from your body...   
  •  If you’re new super charged metabolism doesn’t unleash boundless energy...  
  •  If you don’t feel looser with more bounce in your step then you’ve had in a long time... 
…then I simply wouldn’t accept a dollar from you.  
Just shoot me a quick message and I will be more than happy to refund 100% of your money.

The truth is…  
After experiencing the amazing benefits this program has given to me, and also witnessing it completely change the lives of so many of my clients, I’m more than confident this system will also work for YOU.  

I’m a "Money Where My Mouth Is" kind of guy! 
In the unlikely event this program should not give you the incredible results it has created for so many others, I will give you 100% of your Money Back… 
No Questions Asked.
Time Waits For No One…Your Moment Is NOW!
How Awesome Would It Feel To Walk Around Everyday With The Lean And Athletic Body You Know You Deserve? It Will Feel Incredible!
If you’re anything like most people, you’ve spent far too many days and nights avoiding the thing you desire most and making excuses.  

Everything else in your life seems to come before your health and fitness.  
Don’t you think it’s time to finally put the focus on YOU and take control of your DESTINY?  

Because being lean and athletic is much more than just looking and feeling incredible… It’s a mindset that says you can dominate your path. You control the outcome of your life at ANY AGE.
Where you are at now is an UGLY PLACE to continue to LIVE:
  • Your body will become stiffer and more painful as time goes on...  
  •  Stubborn fat becomes more stubborn, adding layer on top of layer, year after year…   
  •  You'll struggle more and more to be the mobile and energetic parent your kids need... 
  •  Your increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer shoots through the roof…  
  •  Separation and divorce have you splitting up your finances and your kids every other weekend...
I Simply Can’t Stand Back And Let You Kill Yourself Slowly!
So do this for your kids and your family. Do it for your friends and your loved ones. But most of all, do this for YOU!  
Take a step forward and make the change you’ve been desperately seeking for so long and finally reap the benefits of looking and feeling great for years to come. 
The time to take control is NOW.  
Click the BUY NOW Button below and let’s reshape your destiny TODAY 
You awake in the morning and spring out of bed with a surge of energy and vigor.  
You’re up, alert and laser sharp focused on producing for that day.
Make The Choice To Dominate The Game Of Life! 
  •  Unlock Your Athletic DNA And Reclaim Your Glory
  •  Bust Through The Fat And Get Your Mojo Back
  •  Toss Your Shirt To The Side This Summer With Full Confidence
  •  Demand Attention From The Opposite Sex
  •  Regain Your Youthful Energy And Bounce
  •  Balance Hormones And Restore Your Sex Drive
  •  Fix Your Posture And Bullet Proof Your Joints
  •   Become The Super Hero Your Kids Want To Be Like When They Grow Up
You bend down to grab your kids and whip them around without a second thought of your back going out. 

Starting your days are exciting now. Looking in the mirror gives you another opportunity to admire your lean physique. You’ve put in the work and love seeing the results staring back at you.   

You realize it was never as difficult as you thought it was going to be. It was all about discovering the secret and putting the knowledge into action.  
You feel incredible and you know you have earned it!  
Reflecting back before you knew the truth, you realized that most of your difficulties came from the lies you were being told and how learning the secret unlocked your world. 

And now that you have discovered the truth you will never look back.   

 It was a vicious and painful cycle but now you are ready to take on the world!  
You have an incredible opportunity at your fingertips.  
An opportunity to reach out and take control. To blaze a trail and dominate your path! 
You alone have the power to control your destiny.  
That being said…  
Let’s do this together.
Hit the BUY NOW Button and I look forward to working with you on the OTHER SIDE!
Frank Daniels, CPT
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P.S. Remember… Your damaged fascia is like driving around with the parking brake on. When you release the break you can finally accelerate toward your goal. Once you turn down your meta-inflammation signals you will unlock your performance potential rapidly creating the lean athletic body you’ve been dreaming of.
P.P.S. Deep down you know that you were put on this planet to be the best you could possibly be. Don’t sit on the sideline watching the years of your life pass you by. Deep down in your core you know exactly what you want and what you deserve. Let’s reignite your passion so you can once again dominate.
P.P.P.S. You have absolutely ZERO Risk for 60 Days. If you don’t get addicted to this program, then I will personally refund 100% of your money without a single question asked. It’s that simple. 
CASE STUDY: Meet Theresa
“My 55-year-old ass is looking great in a bikini!”
Terri is what we refer to as an Adult Athlete! A 55-year-old mother of 3 who loves to workout, bike, and ski in the winter. Sometimes we can barely slow her down. 
Unfortunately, all her effort and cardio-aerobic workouts were really not giving her the body she was looking for. She was starting to get concerned that her age and hormones were affecting her ability to lose fat and get sexy. It was driving her nuts because she felt like she couldn’t get her body to respond like it used to. Was it age? Was it menopause? Neither!

Once we plugged Terri into our 6-Week Fat Buster Program she was able to discover the real truth about everything she had doubted before. None of that was a factor at all. The only real factor was tight and unhealthy fascia restricting her body from releasing fat. 
It was only serving to keep her stiff and trap meta-inflammation molecules all over her body. Once we plugged her into these athletic sequences her body transformed over night! 

These days she’s looking hot and feeling fantastic. She loves being active and also hitting the beach to show off her incredible results. She’s loving her new body claiming "this 55-year-old ass looks great in a bikini”! I'm sure she never expected to become an inspiration for women everywhere to believe they can still obtain a sexy body, even over the age of 50. Just by unlocking the fascia and tapping into your athletic DNA. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How Is This Different From Other Fat Loss Programs?
The 6-Week Fat Buster addresses your body at the deep cellular level of your fascia. Other fat loss programs just focus on metabolism, which is limited. This program unlocks your body’s performance and fat loss capabilities permanently. 
How Long Will The Workouts Take? 
The 6-Week fat Buster Program can be done anywhere, including your own home in under 30 mins.
How Long Until I See Results?
You will start to feel leaner and more energetic in the first week and visibly start to see your body become thinner. By the end of the 6-Weeks you will be a transformed person.  
Will I Need Equipment? 
There are no equipment requirements in the 6-Week Fat Buster Workouts. It is a complete body weight system that you can perform anywhere. 
What If I’m Out Of Shape And Feel Like A Beginner? 
This program comes with an exercise progression/regression section. There are multiple levels for the beginner to the most advanced individual. So you can jump in and get an incredible workout regardless of where you’re starting.
Will This Work For Me If I Never Played Sports?
Yes it absolutely will. Although this program is designed for people who played sports, it works just as well with regular people who have been sedentary and likely have damaged fascia due to excessive sitting.  
Are All The People In The Photos Athletes?   
Not all of the transformations shown are people who have played sports. However ex-athletes have a much higher probability of having damaged fascia due to years of high impact competition. The program is designed for athletes but works just as well on the general population who enjoy an athletic training style. 
What If It Doesn't Work For Me?   
In the unlikely event this program should not work for you I am more than willing to hand you every last dollar of your money back. Guaranteed! That’s how confident I am this program works.  
When Can I Begin?
You can begin this program TODAY. The minute you press the Buy Now Button you will be given access to your 6-Week Fat Buster Program. You can unwrap it and start busting fat in just a few short moments.  
Are There Any Hidden Costs?  
100% No! Once you have paid the $19 you will receive the entire program with no additional costs to you. You may be shown beneficial upgrades to your program but that is completely up to you.  
I’m a higher-level athlete with my last bit of fat to lose. Will this program work for me?  
Absolutely! This program is specifically designed to be scaled to individuals of all levels. With this program you get exactly what you put in. Since you’re used to putting in high levels of effort this program is perfect to take you to the next level.  
Will This Program Work For ME In My 40’s And 50’s?  
Of course! I have repeatedly shown people in their 40’s and 50’s that have gotten incredible results. Just check the stories and proof on this page. Your best days are not behind you!
Is This A Physical Product?  
The 6-Week Fat Buster Product is a digital product. It is delivered entirely online and can be downloaded to your computer and smart devices for instant and convenient access anytime you like.  

Men: Click Here To Get Ripped
Your Price Today: $19
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